5 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With winter finally here, it’s time to start prepping your home for the 2017 (and the unpredictable weather). One of the biggest risks you run with dropping temperatures is freezing pipes. Our team here at Sooner Cleaning + Restoration has gathered five ways to prevent frozen pipes so that you and your family can stay cozy all season long!

1. Your water is running. No need to catch it.

Whether you’ve lost power or simply experiencing freezing temperatures in your area, it’s important to keep water running – even if it’s a small trickle. Make sure to flip the faucet towards the hot side, though!

2. You’ve got to crawl before you can walk.

Remember that crawl space that collects cobwebs? What about that basement downstairs? If you have any plumbing in these areas, make sure your AC repair is up to date or else you will need to keep a heat lamp focused near the pipes and/or drain to ensure nothing freezes.

3. Don’t forget the great outdoors.

When anticipating severe winter weather, be sure to disconnect your water hose from the outdoor faucet. While you’re doing this, take a moment to inspect the spigot for any leaks. This will help you save a little extra money on your utility bills.

4. Shut the front door! But, keep the cabinet open.

In your kitchen and bathroom areas, keep your cabinet doors open whenever possible. This will give your pipes some room to breathe (and thaw). We recommend keeping high traffic area doors open while closing off closets and unused spaces. This will keep the warm air circulating in the spaces you reside.

5. Share in the warmth.

You can wrap heater tape around your pipes to keep them insulated. Most heater tape works by a built-in thermostat or includes a system of cables. Please note, though. It’s always best practice to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the packaging.

Is your home ready for the cold season ahead? If not, don’t worry. Whether it’s chimney cleaning or water restoration needs, you can always count on Sooner Cleaning + Restoration to be there and ready to tackle the toughest of problems. (405) 329-8999