Chimney Cleaning

Fireplace cleaning & inspection

Fireplaces are an enjoyable feature in many Oklahoma homes, but periodic cleaning is important to avoid malfunctions and fires in the chimney. Frequency of cleaning a chimney can depend on the following factors: usage of fireplace, type of products burned in fireplace, and the age of home/fireplace.

If you want the finest protection in the OKC Greater Metro Area for your family and your property, give Sooner Cleaning + Restoration a call. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our complete 14 point chimney inspection.

14-Point Chimney Inspection

  1. What year was your home built?

  2. How often do you have a fire during the cold months?

  3. When is the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors?

  4. Do you ever notice smoke escaping from your fireplace when you first start a fire?

  5. Is the Damper difficult to open?

  6. Do you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the home?

  7. Do you ever hear animal noises in your chimney?

  8. Firebox: All embers removed. Checked all sides for cracks or loose mortar.

  9. Damper: Inspected with flashlight for proper opening and closing and checked for rust and cracks.

  10. Smoke Shelf: Thoroughly Cleaned

  11. Flue: Cleaned and inspected for creosote.

  12. Chimney Cap: Checked for damage from storms. Checked for loose or missing screws.

  13. Chimney Flashing: Checked to see if securely attached.

  14. Chimney Crown: Checked for cracks or loose mortar