School's Back in Session

The school year has started again and your children are back to participating in sports and bringing home all sorts of dirt. Although we can’t prevent the dirt, we can provide you with some awesome tips on how to keep your carpet clean! 

  1. Keep it in your schedule to vacuum your carpet once a weak, especially in heavily trafficked areas. Vacuum these areas with a crisscross pattern and overlapping strokes. Also, try to take out extra time to clean tighter areas around the household with a small tool.
  2. Make sure to clean stains immediately. The longer the stain remains untreated, the harder it is to actually remove the stain. For tips on how to treat various kinds of stains, follow us on twitter for our weekly #TipTuesday tweets (@SoonerCarpet).
  3. We all know that after soccer practice, your children will come running into the house and go straight to the kitchen. Try a “shoes-off” policy throughout your house. It will help your carpets remain cleaner for a longer period of time, and your hard work won’t be going to waste.
  4. Move around your furniture to allow new walking space and prevent wear and tear to take place on certain walkways. Remember, as you rearrange your furniture, lift it off the ground—do not push it across the carpet.

 If those tips still don’t satisfy your needs, then call us at 405-329-8999 for a free quote. We are available 24/7 and more than happy to assist you in your carpet conundrums!